Cathy Faithfull Visual Artist Bio

Artist Statement 

As a visual artist I work in a variety of mediums, sculpture, installation and photography. My work comes from an interest in materials, organic and man-made, cast offs from nature and from the material world.  I explore these materials by manipulating them both manually and digitally and in so doing become familiar with their properties. Repurposing them, opening new dialogues. Many of the materials I choose to work with are linear in form and often have a drawing quality about them therefore I see my work as sketches that manifest into sculptures, wall hangings, installations and digital images.

My inquiry is to consider how materials respond to one another and how they perform in my hands, which are my tools, touch being fundamental to creating. I work in a performative style that is associated with process art, which isn’t focused on the end product but is more concerned with the formation of art and the actual doing, a creative journey or process, rather than an end product.

As an artist I am constantly seeking new ways of making, drawing on my own experiences and those I share with the world around me in order to foster critical debate with myself and the audience.

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