The natural world has been an inspiration not just in my art but also in my life. A former floral artist and photographer of flora and fauna I became concerned about the environment and changing landscape. This concern I shared with fellow MA artist Jo Tunmer that led to us working collaboratively. In September 2019 we were accepted onto the AA2A Art Residency at Cambridge School of Art under our new name 'eARTh'.  Since then we have been creating work for two exhibitions 'Tick Tock' and 'Salvage' developing themes that explore climate change. However these two exhibition were cancelled due to the 'global pause' in March 2020.

For months we found ourselves lockdown, ticking off time until we were able to resume life again. Time became our focus and we spend many hours discussing how the work might move forward in the light of the pandemic and how climate change had taken a back seat as the world's focus was on managing Coronavirus. Once we were able to meet in person again the work resumed and we are now in the final months of putting a revised exhibition togther that will be on show at Cambridge Artworks from September 30th until the 6th of October 2022. 

Time and Place Exhibition


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